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Les principes de notre mission: S’informer, se mobiliser, s’engager [frère Cehl Meeah]

S’informer, se mobiliser, s’engager…telle est notre devise


Ceux et celles qui se sentent capables de relever ce défi d’être musulmans, qu’ils se joignent à nous

Apportez votre support, vos idées

Si vous avez des idées constructives, pour faire avancer l’Islam à l’Ile Maurice,

Vous êtres les bienvenus


Divine assurance

The nature of the believer’s journey on the path of Truth to reach the divine presence

successfully and to obtain the divine satisfaction in the Eternal bliss, is characterised by

toils and hardship of life


Brother Cehl

Cehl meah – the man who has made islam his life and foundation – see his biography




 Cehl Meeah – his life and actions
Cehl Muhammad Fakeemeeah is a Mauritian citizen. He has done his secondary studies at Royal College Port-Louis and John Kennedy.

He is a graduate BA (hons) in Islamic Jurisprudence & Usul -al-fiqh [1991] at al-Qura university of Makka, Saudi Arabia.

Brother Cehl started his teaching at the age of thirteen. Ever since, he has been an educator and a powerful motivator of Islamic studies and the Shariah. He is the Amir of Jamaat-Ul-Muslimeen and founder of the Dar ul Maarif primary & secondary school of Curepipe.

He is also a political leader and counts thousands of partisans both in Mauritius and around the world.

Brother Cehl is also a writer. One of his famous writing is : Among the divine evidences of the 3rd millenium

His initiation to religion and spirituality was innate in him since an early age. It was a Godly blessed nature orientating and moulding his personal character for a well-planned purpose.

He was brought up in a middle class religious family. his grandfather was a congregational leader in different mosques for more than forty consecutive years.

Brother Cehl has learnt the Qur’an since his young age and was perfectly conversant with reading Arabic at the age of eleven.  At the age of 16 he was already involved in preaching at study circles in different places.

From all those who love and respect him

May Allah Az zawajal help us together with Brother Cehl to continue this noble task.

May Allah punish severely our enemies. 

Allahumma labaik.



Injustice made against his own person, his family and followers

From 2000 to 2003, Brother Cehl was  injustly jailed at the Al Catraz

The main object was not the numerous accusations perpetrated against him, but it was his love and commitment to Allah

that posed problem.

The media has pictured  him as a ‘megalomane’, he was the enemy of all.

Many innocent muslims have fallen into the media’s trap, believing that brother Cehl was capable of such absurd acts

He has been severely beaten and illtreated

And thanks to Usama and QC Cooke, he finally won his case….

Cehl Meeah continues today to do profound dawah, he has many followers

He has crossed the mauritian fontier to win the hearts of many ….


Victory never comes at the beginning.

True victory comes at the end,

after trials & tribulations


Chers lecteurs et chères lectrices

Bienvenus sur le blog du frère Cehl

Ce blog a été créé pour permettre à tous nos amis, partisans du monde entier de se connecter



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