All human beings are bound to make mistakes

It is a Prophetic saying  that pictures 
a  reality in all human endeavours. 
That reality is the fact 
that all human  
beings make mistakes. 

The Prophet [pbuh] said,
"All the children of Adam 
are bound to constantly err, 
but the best of  those who constantly err 
are those who constantly repent."  (At-Tirmidhi)
It is therefore important 
to remind ourselves 
and to remind others of 
the importance of forgiveness.
Muslims are brothers and they should learn 
to forgive their brothers
unless Allah will not forgive them in return.
And the best of nature, are those who are moderate.
So, do not exaggerated in our day 
to day dealings with others
and learn to supplicate Allah 
when you see faults in others
instead of pointing a condemned 
finger at them.
This is the way to real 
success insha Allah....



  1. Noorjahan dit :

    When a man make a mistake against a woman and he is caught red handed, he would quickly run to ask forgiveness and the ‘foolish ‘ woman is expected to forgive or the surrounding (especially foolish women) would exert pressure on her to forgive the guy. While if a woman or a young girl happens to make a mistake then the man and whole community would fall on her. Her mistake is never forgetten, she is submitted to a trial. Her personnality, motives whether ‘ real’ or ‘ imagined’ by her judges would be used against her until her life becomes hell and she is either killed, kills herself or becomes mad. This is our hypocrite muslim community. What a shame!!!

  2. ADVISER dit :

    Dear sis of islaam i think that your opinion about islaam as a community of shame & hypocrisy then sorry u ar in the wrong way because islaam has & will always be a religion of forgiveness and if the one u ask forgiveness is not ready to accept it it’s his fault and u wil always be considered as great in the eyes of Allah as u accept your fault and Islam has always be a religion of great honour & ‘fierte’ & by Allah the al-mighty it wil always remain so.

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