Islam : Mercy to Mankind


Bismillah Ar Rahman Ar Rahim

The topic of the day is about Dawah

The meaning of dawah is to invite. In the deen of Allah,

Muslims have the duty and obligation to invite non believers

to Islam because the Deen of Allah is meant for mankind.

Islam which means: submission to the Creator, does not

belong to one category of people. Rather it is a universal

program revealed to the prophet of mankind, Muhammad

[pbuh] in order to save humanity from the darknesses of his

own passions and ignorance.

As we can see the people before the advent of Islam, were

plunged in their own darknesses, until Allah sent a messenger

to teach them the correct way of thinking….

Dawah forms an important part in the life of all muslims. One of our noble mission on earth is certainly to invite non-Muslims towards Islam.

Islam, unfortunately has been moulded by many media and the fanatics in order to suit their evil purposes

Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala is above all their evil plans. Alhamdulillah

Many people still do not know what is the meaning of Islam. they take it to be a terror meaning word. Islam means peace and submission in its widest sense.

We find peace, solace, security, safety when we bow down to the Only Creator, Allah

Whether you are calling Him God, because you do not know the word Allah, know dear readers, that God is One and Only. He is the Creator of all human beings and whatever exists in this immense universe.

As a community it is our obligation to support New Muslims, to welcome them with love, affection and understanding. We need to show them that Islam is meant for everyone. When you accept Islam, you immediately become a Muslim. For example, if you were a Buddhist, you decide to revert to Islam, then you are a Muslim because your way of living has changed. If you were a Christian and decide to revert to Islam, then surely you form part of the Islamic community and are a Muslim, because your way of living has changed. May be you had a wrong concept of God, may be you were eating illegal food, may be you were clothed in the wrong way….and for love of God, you decide to change for the better…

May Allah guide all those who are searching for truth and may Allah aid us to help our brothers and sisters in humanity. ameen

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