The objective of life

People think that they have been created to eat, drink and enjoy life

Have they ever thought that enjoyment is few and troubles are many?

Even though wealth may contribute to your health and happiness, it cannot prevent you from dying!


If you understand the purpose of life, you can taken 1/3 of your burden away

Why? because understanding brings peace

Many people say they believe in Allah but they do not understand the objective of life

This has been mentioned in Surah 51:56

Allah mentions that He has created the jinns and humankind to worship Him.

You see, there is another problem

If you think that worshipping is praying, you will be misguided once again

Worship – Al ‘Ibadah – has been explained in previous lessons

Al ‘Ibadah is not praying. It is a full concept which deserves attention


Your whole life is dedicated to ‘ ibadah’ then you will never compromise your love for Allah; you will prefer eating at your own place or at the place of believers because you know that there is blessing in it!

Food should never be taken lightly because if you eat the food of the believers, you will be rewarded for it

And if you do not care what you eat, only because you are greedy and unconscious, you will be deprived of inner peace


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